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Belligerent (好戦的), Short-tempered (血気盛ん); snide and sadistic; looks down on others (人を見下す癖がある)

Yami (闇 OR யமி) is an antagonist in Heroic Blaze SolAka. Also known as Yami of Darkness, Dark General of the NORTH, Dark Princess.

Creation and ConceptEdit

MGW wanted each member of the Four Generals to reflect the Hindu dieties and have noble status. For Yami, the name in Asia is often associated with the night, darkness, and death. In Hinduism, the goddess Yami is the twin sister of Yama, the god of death. Both Yama and Yami formed the first mortals[1]. Therefore, the character would be given a wicked personality who boasts power along with Indra.

It was MGW's wish for General Indra in Heroic Blaze SolAka to well reflect his mythical counterpart, becoming a powerful rival for both Hiori and Torahiko.


One of Emperor Yang's Four Generals that governs the feudalistic Planet Shenbu. Yami specifically rules the northern territories and is called the Dark General. She has a "nocturnal-like presence", having yellow eyes, fanged teeth, and black hair braided in a cue style.
Being a personification of darkness, Yami has a belligerent and vain character. She is not against in using intimidation and other sleazy techniques to get ahead of others.

Story OverviewEdit


Deva Dynasty on EarthEdit

Yami was tasked to conquering the Hoshizawa Main Faction in Japan.


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Machines OperatedEdit


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