Elder and Master Toriko





Earth Birthday (Zodiac)

December 29 (Capricorn)




Ho-Ou Tribe (Four Kingdoms of Shirei)



Toriko Nechimoku (熱木 鳥子) is a fictional character in Heroic Blaze SolAka.

Creation and ConceptEdit

Toriko was created as Hiori's main support. Since Hiori's mother wouldn't be with her, and in the most cases of Super Robot entertainment, there is an old character (primarily a "professor/doctor" or hakasei 博士) who helps the main character. Toriko was picked to be the symbol of guidance and wisdom, and especially tolerance, as the Shirei rebel force face the reality of being away from home.

For character, to fit Toriko's role, MGW considered these keywords/phrases: Faith is remarkably tight; sense of purpose (目的意識) while tranquil (従容).


Toriko is a part of the Ho-Ou tribe's Nechimoku Family, who are close partners of the Soratoga family. An elderly woman of perhaps at least sixty-years old with long off-white hair and fern green eyes. Wears dark red Mess Dress complete with a vest with a boatcloak and long skirt. The vest is left open to reveal an piqué orange shirt and green cummerbund over her skirt. She also wears a couple of gem rings.
Unshakable resolve that is backed with calmness. She has a clear awareness when it comes to what she aims for.

Story OverviewEdit


Deva Dynasty on EarthEdit


Hiori Soratoga
Since Toriko worked with the Soratoga family for a long time, Both she and Hiori are very close. Like many others, Hiori refers to Toriko as "Master".
Torahiko Yuutsukasa
Toriko finds Torahiko him very hard-headed. She understands that he is suffering from defeat and continues to attempt directing him towards the right path.


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