Shimabara Rebellion (島原の乱) also called the Shimabara Revolt, was an battle that lasted from December 1637 (Kanei 14) to April 1638 (Kanei 15) between the Tokugawa and Christian peasants.



In SeishinEdit

Both the Iga Ninja under the Tokugawa and a group called the Kouga-Gumi (甲賀組) participated.


Christian Ikki/Rebel groupEdit


  • N/A

Koga GroupEdit

  • 望月 与右衛門 (Mochizuki Yoemon)
  • 望月 兵大夫 (Mochizuki Heidayū)
  • 芥川 七郎兵衛 (Akutagawa Shichiroubei)
  • 山中 十太夫 (Yamanaka Jūdayū)
  • 岩根 勘右衛門 (Iwane Kanemon)
  • More later

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