Oniwabanshū (御庭番) were a spy and intelligence group established by Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa during the Edo Period.


Neo OniwanbanEdit

In the Seishin series, The New Oniwanban (新 お庭番衆; shin oniwabanshū) are a part of the Chubu police force, and they employ special techniques for security.


  • Toshinobu Hattori (服部 季信) Chief Superintendent of Mie Prefectural Police/Chief of NOWB.
  • Shōtarō Tsukimori (月森 勝太郎) Aichi Prefectural Police.
  • Kai Takahashi (高橋 魁) Aichi Prefectural Police.
  • Mitsutoshi Takagi (高木 光敏)
  • Keiichi Edogawa (江戸 圭一)
  • Masato Shimada (島田 真人)

Media AppearancesEdit

  • Gintama
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • The Great Detective Kiyoshiro Yumemizu (名探偵夢水清志郎事件ノート)
  • Abarenbō Shōgun (暴れん坊将軍)
  • Hattori Hanzo: Kage no Gundan (服部半蔵 影の軍団)

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